Terry Fawley aka Thorveldd The Redd

Booze and Violence!!! DEATH TO ROME!!!!

Terry Fawley aka Thorveldd The Redd

Thorveldd The Redd

It is with heavy heart that I write this post, Thorveldd The Redd passed away on June 20th, 2019.

The members of the Ragnorok Kensmen Council and the Free Company Camp
told stories and shared good times that had been had with him.
Kensmen Thorveldd was there for us all in the first days of Gwynedd and continued to be there for his brothers and sisters later in Anglesey...Kensmen Thorveldd may not have known the legacy he had left behind but the the old ones, the members of House Redd and Anglesey know and will always remember what he did for all of us and how much we all loved him.

Now I ask all to raise a horn at all events and call out his name and honor him alway, and make sure you yell as loud as you can "TO KENSMEN THORVELDD" so he can hear us from Valhalla where he waits for us to join him one day.

The images above were taken from Terr Fawley’s facebook page, thank you to the people that posted them and shared their memories with all of us.

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