House Haldane

Booze and Violence!!! DEATH TO ROME!!!!

Lord Talon Haldane

Leader of House Haldane

House Haldane is one of the oldest houses within the Kingdom of Gwynedd, we have defended the kingdom for over 35+ years.  House Haldane has always defended the crown (We fight for our King but we will Die for our Queen without question) and we take special pride in the orders of our household;

  • Order of the Dragon – The order is for Knights at the highest level of duty and service to the crown and the kingdom.  Lord Talon is the Grandmaster and leader of the order, this is a knightly order and as such is its command.
  • Order of the Black Dragon – The order is a military order and its command structure is unlike any of the other orders in the kingdom.  Lord Talon is the Grandmaster and leader of the order, as a military order all are welcome Knights, Kensmen, Squires, Swordbrothers and men at arms.
  • Order of Saint Michael and Saint Andre – This is a religious order within the kingdom and one of the oldest. Sir Mordecai Haldane Pope of Gwynedd.

History of the Haldanes:

In 1981-82 Lord Talon came across Sir Trystan Wyndhaven and his friends and soon after The Free Company of Gwynedd was founded. Along the way, he found amazing friends: Kensmen Iskandar, Sir D’James, Sir Finn Wyndhaven, and many others. Soon after, Lord Talon and his friends Oron the Wolf, Fluterflam, Dunryk of Gor, and Red Sonya all formed the first unit within the Free Company of Gwynedd and we became known as the Black Dragons. Sometime later, they also found others to join their ranks including The Butcher, Great Danger, and McDuff, who became Black Dragons as well.

Together, they fought many battles for Gwynedd and worked hard to build their unit and Gwynedd. As time passed, however, some members of the
Black Dragons moved on to other things in life.  Lord Talon had been friends with Morin Haldane in High School, and as the Black Dragons were not active anymore, the two of them wanted to form a new unit together. Morin felt that a few members of his family may be interested in joining them and soon Kelson and Koric joined them; and eventually Marduke Haldane as well. They chose to call themselves the Guardians of the Flame, and later Lord Talons brothers Mordaki and Toruan became a part of the group. One day, Kelson came to them and said that he was reading an “awesome book”, and in this book two names were mentioned: Gwynedd and Haldane. He suggested that they use the name, and they all agreed and thought it sounded awesome as well.

Once again, time moved on and real life took over; Kelson and Koric joined the military, Morin had difficulty with transportation…and so, the rest of us went on, pushing forward, and continued to build House Haldane and Gwynedd. House Haldane was the second household in Gwynedd and it continued to grow, but then real life took over for Lord Talon as well…he got married, had a baby on the way, and between 1986-87 he moved to Maryland to work. On a side note House Kati was Lord Talons second wife’s house and the members where Christabel, Mandrake, Kesha, Edward and Mesha. Back to the story, however…Lord Talon returned to Cloverdale as often as he could, but not as much as he would have liked for the next 2 or 3 years.

It is true that Kelson Knighted Lord Talon in 1986, but Sir Lartnick was Lord Talons knight and it was with his blessings and the Queens. Lord Talon was Kensed by Kensmen Trystan in 1989, which many know to be true as well.  Real life forced Lord Talon to move again after that, but he took that opportunity to spread the word of the Haldanes and Gwynedd all over the world.  Lord Talon fought in Markland, Dagorhir, Belegarth, Darkon, SCA, the Free Steelers as well as many other groups over the years. He moved around a lot due to work, but everywhere he went he formed units if there was a realm, and realms when there were none–all in the name of House Haldane and Gwynedd.

People have joined the ranks of House Haldane in Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Georgia, Colorado, Canada, Russia and a few places we can’t remember (hehe); and we know in our hearts that the strength of our house came from the hard work of all its members. Throughout it all, Lord Talons brother Toruan was one of his biggest supporters; he has always had his back and he has been by Lord Talons side no matter what; and for that we can never thank him enough. He has been a true brother to our leader, in the world in which we chose to live and in the “real” world too.

There have never been any colors for House Haldane other then Lord Talons colors: the Black and Red of the Black Dragons. The symbol of House Haldane is the Black Dragon Lord Talon drew, long ago in the 80’s for House Haldane.

Today House Haldane continues to grow, and it continues to live on through the efforts of each and every member. Together we are all House Haldane, a house with more than one hundred members, active and non-active, and on a national level. The CuSith, The Empire of the Wolf, Mirkwood, Gwynedd, Galatia and many others have Haldanes within their ranks and lands…we are proud of our people–all of them.

We work hard, drink hard and we play even harder, and that is what makes us who we are.

In the last ten years or so we have had some of the most amazing people from the medieval world join House Haldane, Kensmen Tumbark, Kensmen Dunatar, Kensmen Cormac, Kensmen BAM, Swordbrother Bjorl, Kensmen Aegis, Shota, Dasha, Lady Ariel, Kensmen Aria,
Kensmen Enyo, Squire Ziggy, Princess Niobi, Lady Heather, and many, many more … We in house Haldane can do anything we set our minds too, with the skills and talent within our ranks we can do anything and that is what makes us great.

If we had to thank anyone for House Haldane it would be its members and form its start it would be the members of the Black Dragons and Lord Talons brother Morin because without them it would not gone the direction it did…but we thank Kensmen Kelson for the name and all he has done for the house over the years for with out him we would not be called Haldanes, and we thank all the members for all they do to make us the great house we are!

Booze and Violence!!!! Death to Rome!!!!

This is the symbol of House Haldane, you may see it on the Battlefield, in a camp at an event, tattooed on someone in a bar and some will say you will find it in jail or prison but that is only rumors 🙂

So come out and meet us, feast with us, drink with us and FIGHT BESIDE US and know what it feels like to be HALDANE!

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