House Katir

Booze and Violence!!! DEATH TO ROME!!!!

Defeated by the Haldanes

House Katir was conquered during the time of the occupation in the 1980's.

After a 3 month bloody war with the Haldanes, House Katir in a last stand fell and the house was no more.

Brome the leader of House Katir was honor challenged by Kensmen Talon Haldane and in the fight Brome was defeated by Talon, back in the early days of the Kingdom of Gwynedd an honor challenge was final. If you lost an honor challenge you died and you left the game or started over somewhere else with another persona. Along with Brome the Blood Witch of house Katir was executed by Kensmen Talon Haldane who removed her head to protect the kingdom from her.

The remaining survivors of the war became part of House Haldane in a hope to build a new peace.