House of the Wolf

Booze and Violence!!! DEATH TO ROME!!!!

Oron the Wolf

The First Kensmen of House of the Wolf

"This House is Inactive at this time"

History of the House of the Wolf:

History of Kensmen Oron.

He was originally Kensed in 1985 by King Finn in Gwynedd with approval of the Alfather. Then moved to Ohio in 1987. It took until 1989 until King Eric of the Red Stone to accept his title which is why that is the date he choose to use for his official Kensmen date.

House of the Wolf was named such by Kensmen Talon because of Kensmen Oron’s last name but the house name was never used by Oron until after he moved to Pentwyvern and added his first Swordbrother.

That’s also part of the reason why there was never an emblem created because there was no declaration of “I am officially forming this house”… It just kind of happened over time.

Since that time all Kensmen of House of the Wolf have belonged to the Kingdom of Pentwyvern.

With that said Kensmen Oron is happy that In 2019 an emblem has been created by the current active Kensmen and Swordbrothers of the house so that it may stamp the house more permanently into the history books.

Although there is no House Loard in the Kingdom of Gwynedd; there is an active Swordbrother – Swordbrother Muirgen SilverWolf.