Iskandar the Grim

Booze and Violence!!! DEATH TO ROME!!!!

Iskandar the Grim

Alfather of the Kensmen

The Alfather was the life giver, and yes he was Lord of House Tyr but that was not who he was, Iskandar was the Alfather of the Kensmen and as such was all bloodlines and all Houses.
He gave the Kensmen a path and a code to follow and live by and as such his word was final on all things, some questioned his actions but not the the loyal, not the followers of the old ways. They knew that the path the Alfather set us on was the path that would lead us to Valhalla one day and the Alfather would be waiting there for us and we all would drink and eat all night long and come the rise of the sun it would be to battle as it should be.

We the loyal follows long for the day that the gates of Valhalla open and allow us in so that we may stand at your side once again Alfather.

Stories about the Alfather and the Kensmen will be posted here to share in his memory.